About Us

Dealing with every single aspect of healthcare can be confusing and frustrating. ​

A lack of price transparency, high deductibles and unnecessary tests interfere with the medical care you deserve.

Global Healthcare 4U solves it.

With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, we’ve built a network of hospitals with the highest standards of quality and patient care for you to choose from. 

No longer is pricing a mystery. One of our main goals is to enable precision and predictability to your financial planning. You’ll find pre-negotiated discounted bundled rates for each procedure.  ​​

After choosing your facility and doctor, GH4U schedules a virtual consultation for you to dialogue with the medical team and book your procedure.​

After you’ve scheduled your procedure, we will assist you with the basic groundwork and pre-planning to help ensure the trip goes smoothly. You’ll find relevant information about the destination on Global Healthcare 4U’s website and we’ll have representatives every step of the way available to answer questions and provide helpful advice.


GH4U gives you access to highly-qualified healthcare providers. With
different specialties and the highest standards, you’ll be able to choose the destination, facility, and surgeon that best suits your needs.


For GH4U, your satisfaction is a priority. We know that the success of your healthcare experience will depend on how comfortable and heard you feel throughout the process.


GH4U won’t bill you later. Forget the guesswork involved when in need of healthcare services. A final price quote will be available before booking your surgery.

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