Santander has strengthened as the fourth most important and competitive economy of the country. Bucaramanga was one of the six cities with the most prosperous economies in the world and one of the most competitive and sustainable of Latin America according to the World Bank the IDB and Findeter. The city is one of the preferred destinations for those who, from abroad, want to undergo treatments or surgeries at competitive prices and with the highest quality standards.  

Bucaramanga has the most important airport in eastern Colombia that connects with almost 80 destinations through Bogota, Medellin, Cali, and Panama.  

Bucaramanga is also characterised by the selection of hotels it offers, which cater to the tastes of different travellers. All of these factors, in addition to the city’s commercial and industrial activities, make Bucaramanga an excellent business destination in Colombia. 

Bucaramanga’s most noteworthy parks include Parque Centenario, which is the heart of the city’s cultural and commercial development; Romero Park, a place of great historical significance; and Parque Santander, which just might be the most important park in Bucaramanga thanks to the economic, historical, and commercial significance of the buildings that surround it. 

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