Cali is known by the rest Colombia as the “Rumba Capital” and by the world as the “Salsa Capital”As you travel through the city, you can visit the banks of the Cali river and admire the architecture of churches like Ermita and other colonial era buildings that are true national monuments. 

You can also use your walks around Cali as an opportunity to sample some of the city’s traditional cuisine, with Spanish, indigenous, and African roots, giving each plate its own unique flavor. On Sundays, locals travel to rivers like the Pance River, where you can cool down and enjoy a quiet day of relaxation. 

Getting to Cali is very simple, thanks to the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport, which has flights to and from Colombia and other countries. The most efficient way to get around within Cali is by using the Integrated Transportation System, known as MIO, which currently has 8 distinct routes that cover most of the city. 

Cali has become one of the country’s best equipped cities for providing specialized health care. Almost a third of the city’s medical tourists arrive from other countries and, according to Cali’s trading association, the majority are from the U.S. and Spain. 

 Cali has different types of hotels that fit all types of budgetLastly, keep in mind that Cali usually has a very warm, humid climate, so it’s best if you bring comfortable, light, cool clothes.  

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