Dr. Jaime Cabrales

Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Interventionism Professor


Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Intervention 

Short Biography

Dr. Cabrales is a specialist in internal medicine, a specialist in cardiology from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and in interventional cardiology and hemodynamics from the Universidad del Rosario. 

He is a professor at Universidad del Rosario, coordinator of the postgraduate program in Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Interventionism at Universidad del Rosario and associate professor at Universidad del Bosque. 

He is a member of the Ethics in Research Committee of the Fundación Cardioinfantil, Junior Researcher of COLCIENCIAS, member of the research group in hemodynamics and vascular function Colciencias. 

He is currently the Head of the Hemodynamics and Interventionism Service and medical coordinator of the cardiovascular interventionism area of Fundación Cardioinfantil.

Hospitals he works with